Specialists in Rainwater Catchment

Please take note that we have been advised that someone is using our company by putting in an ad looking for employees. We suggest you do not answer as this is a scam. We have not put in any advertisement and we presently have no position openings. We are sad this has happened as we do not want to see anyone get hurt. Thank you.

We design, install and consult on roof catchment systems, surface catchment systems (including bio-remediation of urban stormwater run-off), water filtration systems, water storage systems, wastewater systems, fire protection systems, pump systems and efficient/passive irrigation systems.

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Commercial & Residential Solutions

  • Roof Catchment Systems
  • Turn your roof into a water delivery system. More ...
  • Surface Catchment Systems

    Prevent erosion and pollution. Protect top-soil, re-charge groundwater supplies. More ...

Water Conservation & Reuse Solutions

  • Efficient / Passive Irrigation Systems
  • Reduce water demand by 30% to 70%. More ...

  • Wastewater Systems

    Re-use greywater/blackwater sources to reduce demand, and help the environment. More ...