These are some suggested links to educational resources, news, services and non-profit organizations that focus on water related issues and the solutions.

American Raincatchment Systems Association  (
Their mission is to promote sustainable rainwater harvesting practices

International Raincatchment Systems Association  (
Their mission is to advance and promote rainwater harvesting technology

Harvest H2O – Online Rainwater Harvesting Community
Excellent source for news, articles and vendors related to sustainable water solutions

International Rainwater harvesting Alliance  (    
Created to connect rainwater harvesting groups around the world

United States Green Building Council  (
The USGBC is the authority on green building in the United States.  This site has information on all aspects of green building, LEED rating system, energy and water conservation.

Water – Use It Wisely  (
Excellent informational site that gives people tips on how to save water, Q&A forums, and news

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission  (
For SF Bay Area residents, go to this site to learn about rebate an d discount programs for rainwater and greywater systems

Using Rainwater to Grow Livable Communities  (
This site is great for planners, builders, and architects to get information on how to promote sustainable water management practices and get projects implemented.  There are several good case studies on site as well.

Shades of Green Landscape Architecture  (
Bay area based landscape architecture firm that designs beautiful and sustainable landscapes

Save The Rain
A non-profit organization that teaches people in water-starved communities in Africa how to build rainwater harvesting systems