Roof Catchment Solutions

Residential Rain Catchment Solutions

Wonderlandinc Home SystemIn optimum scenarios, 1 inch of rainfall collected off of a 1000 square foot surface can equal 600 gallons of captured water. If half of every household's water supply could be sustained by a Rain Catchment System, we would greatly alleviate the pressures on our current water sources.

Water use for an average household in North America is 293 gallons per day. More than 50% of our average water use does not need to be potable water. The average household is not designed to differentiate between fixtures that need potable water and those that don't. System sizes are determined by square footage of catchment area, annual rainfall & water demand. A home Rain Catchment System can supply water to any or all of these uses: toilets, clothes washer, faucets, dishwasher, showers, baths, landscaping, potable use.




Integrated Residential Rain Catchment Solutions

By integrating a Rain Catchment System into the design of a home, you can create a cost effective, convenient system where all the components can be located in one area for easy monitoring and maintenance. Integrated home systems are excellent for new construction and a perfect way to save money on municipal or well water costs. If the Rain Catchment System does not supply all the required needs, it is equipped with an automatic main water supply top off. In case of fire, a Rain Catchment System can save you and your home. We incorporate overflow management to maximize the efficiency of your Rain Catchment System. We direct overflow to landscaping use and groundwater recharge.





Commercial Rain Catchment Solutions

Commercial buildings are ideal for Rain Catchment Systems because of the huge surface area available for capturing rain. Using a Rain Catchment System for a supplemental water supply greatly reduces monthly water costs. An estimated 5000 gallons of water is used on a monthly basis to accommodate 100 people using the bathroom just once a day.

Reduce the use of potable water by using rainwater for toilets, cooling systems, landscaping, fountains and washing cars, planes or golf carts. Companies such as Lufthansa, Sony, Canon and Volkswagen have implemented Rain Catchment Systems in either their offices or production facilities.  Two terminals in a Singapore airport successfully harness enough rainwater to meet the needs for  toilet flushing, fire fighting & air conditioning.