We Are Specialists

A unique level of experience and knowledge in the ancient art of harvesting rainfall. 

  • Navigating regulatory issues and needs

  • Providing analysis and recommendations for water usage, catchment areas, rainfall data, wastewater re-use potential, irrigation options, as well as fixture and appliance retrofits

  • Helping businesses, homeowners and municipalities better understand potential yields, water savings and environmental benefits  

  • Providing all phases of the building and landscaping process

  • Creating the most efficient, effective and aesthetically pleasing water systems.   

What We Do

We design and install roof catchment systems, surface catchment systems  (including bio-remediation of urban stormwater run-off), water filtration systems, water storage systems, wastewater systems, fire protection systems, pump systems and efficient/passive irrigation systems. 

  • Roof Catchment Systems

    Turn your roof into a water delivery system . More ...

  • Surface Catchment Systems

    Prevent erosion and pollution. Protect top-soil, re-charge groundwater supplies. More ...

  • Efficent / Passive Irrigation Systems

    Reduce water demand by 30% to 70%. More ...

  • Wastewater Systems

    Re-use greywater/blackwater sources to reduce demand, and help the environment. More ...


Our Experience

We have provided design, installation and consultation services to businesses, homeowners, municipalities, schools, non-profit organizations and governments for over 70 projects in North America, Latin America, and East Africa and the Far East.

We have worked on many concept homes and “green building” projects and we can help the client to achieve LEED points that are available through  water conservation and savings.

Please take a look at our Clients section to view completed projects by Wonderland. Inc.

Our Services

Design:  We work with architects, planners, contractors, public works and regulatory authority to create plan sets for specific or integrated water systems.  Estimates can be provided for design work once scope/objectives of proposed project have been communicated.
Contact us for a proposal or bid.

Installation: We provide complete construction and installation services or we can oversee and manage contractors in the implementation phase of any project.  Estimates for field work can be obtained once scope/objectives of proposed project have been communicated. 
Contact us for a proposal or bid.

Consultation: We provide consultation services via phone, e-mail, skype and in person in all of the areas explained above,  as well as some other specialty areas including ferro-cement tank construction, slow-sand filtration, and natural drainage systems.
Hourly Rate: $80/hr. Both on-site and phone consultations are available.