Photo Gallery - Stiles Residential Irrigation System

Designed and installed a 4,200 gallon roof catchment system. Water used for orchard and vegetable gardens. (Kentfield, CA)

"What can we say? We love our rain harvesting system that Wonderland Inc designed and installed for us. The system is neatly installed and concealed under our deck and the harvested rain is used to irrigate our vegetable beds and fruit trees. It is so efficiently designed that we don't need to do anything to it beyond the occasional check to see things are functioning properly. When Dylan is on the job, he is very focused, great to work with and really pays attention to the small details - and these factors (aside from the fact that it has worked extremely well) give us a lot of confidence in the system. It's exciting to watch the tanks fill up (in our case, they get full after just a stormy weekend) and we feel good that our vegetables and fruit are getting water the old-fashioned way, albeit in a more roundabout method!"

We hope to install more tanks in the near future. It makes sense to us to be able to capture and store a valuable natural resource in this way, especially in a climate where we have dry conditions for many months in the year. We hope many more people consider installing similar systems here." ~ Rob & Linda Stiles