Surface Catchment Systems

Wonderland Inc. can design and install surface catchment systems that slow down run-off, preventing erosion and pollution, protecting top-soil, improving soil moisture levels and recharging ground water sources. These systems incorporate earthwork structures and planting schemes to slow and hold the water, allowing it to be stored and/or infiltrated into the soil. Traditional stormwater systems have created multiple problems. They were created to get water away from a development as fast as possible, and they do a great job. Directing surface run-off at high speed and volumes into our watersheds and oceans erodes our soil, pollutes our waterways and oceans and does not allow for our groundwater systems to be recharged. Surface catchment systems provide a multitude of benefits to some of our most serious environmental problems.

We can create drainage systems for urban environments that utilize earthworks and plant life instead of concrete/asphalt reducing run-off and cleaning pollutants(gases,oils,chemicals) through bio-remediation. We can also help the homeowner to manage the water that falls on their property as a resource instead of a problem. Commercial lots/developments can save money on concrete/ asphalt work, as well as drainage infrastructure by incorporating “natural drainage” systems. These systems will cost less, reduce or eliminate stormwater run-off, and will add beauty to the development! Please contact us to discuss your situation to see how we can help you.