Water Conservation & Reuse Solutions

Wonderland Inc. can design and install greywater and blackwater systems that take the waste water from your home and reuse it in your landscape. For new homes and business or retrofit opportunities we recommend the EPIC (environmental passive integrated chambers) system to accomplish wastewater treatment and irrigation all in one! If the EPIC system is not desired we can provide other options as well.

Greywater Systems

Greywater is all of the fixtures and appliances that do not receive human waste. Laundry water, sink water, dishwasher and shower water are all greywater sources. This source requires minimal filtration and is ideal for re-use in landscape irrigation. Separating your plumbing system to utilize greywater creates an alternative source of water that can save you thousands of gallons of water year-round and can reduce flows into our waste systems, preventing pollution and reducing costs of wastewater treatment.

Greywater System1 Greywater System2


Blackwater Systems

Blackwater is the leach water from traditional septic systems that is typically sent to an infiltration field. These infiltration fields are a health hazard and are unable to be used as an irrigation source. The EPIC system provides an alternative to the traditional leach line concept allowing the blackwater to be bio-remediated and re-used in irrigation.

Blackwater System1 Blackwater System2
Blackwater System3 Blackwater System4